Do you have a space you no longer need or would like to sublet? - ​You may have space that you no longer need. We can sublease your space.  

We save our clients time and money with our PARTNER Leasing Program - We have the market knowledge and experience that gets our clients the best deal in the market. Our leasing process is the best in the business

Considering staying in your current space? - Never renew you lease always renegotiate! We can help you negotiate with our current landlord. We are experts in lease negotiations!  

1.  Our Tenant Services are paid for by the Landlord.

2.  A Market Rental Study and Lease Analysis may show you are paying significantly higher rates per square foot than the market average.

3.  Calculating your Total Cost of Occupancy is more critical than what you pay per Square Foot.

4.  The RFP process creates open competition and allows us to negotiate for you added benefits and the best possible price.

5.  The financial ramifications of a lease can cost a tenant thousands of dollars if not property addressed ahead of time.

​​We offer tenant representation as a free service to you.  First, we ask probing questions as to how your business operates, what is your corporate culture, mission statement, short term & long term business plan.  We need to determine your exact needs now and potentially in the future so we can tailor a lease to work with your business plan.  We have been leasing space for over 30 years so we have seen floor plans and ideas change over a period of many years.  We may be able to offer new innovative ideas or suggestions to think about with regards to your floor plan design.  Many times we will engage an architect or space planner to re-evaluate your workflow.  Through negotiations we like to see the final developer to include an interior designer fee our client can work with. 

If you have leased space that you no longer need you may want to consider a Lease Buyout - You may need to get your excess space off of your books. We are experts in helping our clients buyout of their lease. We are experts in the negotiation of tenants buying out of their lease  

Our Tenant Representation Services Include:

Tenant Representation PARTNER Program:

Some considerations for all Tenants leasing space: